Reset Password

This will Reset and Synchronize Passwords on all systems
A users password must:
  • Be 8 to 16 characters in length
  • NOT contain the username (or more than three consecutive characters of the username)
  • NOT contain spaces or non-English characters
  • Contain AT LEAST one UPPERCASE letter: A - Z
  • Contain AT LEAST one lowercase letter: a - z
  • Contain AT LEAST one number: 0 - 9
  • Do NOT use 3 or more repeated (i.e., aaa or 111) or consecutive (i.e., abc or 123) characters
  • ONLY the following special characters are allowed: _ { } | [ ]
  • BANNER/ORACLE users passwords cannot start with a numeral or special character
  • Certain special characters may be used. However, in some applications these characters have special meaning and may cause problems in that specific application. If this problem is encountered, changing your password to a combination of letters and numbers should solve the problem. Examples of special characters are . , ! _
  • Previous passwords may not be reused.
  • Password cannot contain "acn".


Staging Enabled